Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Historic Telecasts, Vol 6: Paul Hindemith Op 80 9 5a о релизе - инфо.

Год выпуска: 1963 Жанр: Classic Продолжительность: 00:52:04Описание: This performance video features Paul Hindemith conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a telecast that took place on April 7, 1963 Hinаиывяdemith was well-known as a composer; he often conducted concerts of his own music His own works include operas, concertos, and instrumental pieces He pioneered Gebrauchsmusik, works written for newsreels and group singouts His works were banned by the Nazis Hindemiайорцth is seen here conducting some of his own works, as well as compositions by Bruckner and BrahmsContent:HINDEMITH: Concert Music for Strings and Brass, Op 50 Part I: Massig schnell, mit Kraft — Sehr breit, aber stets fliessend 835 Part II: Lebhaft — Langsam — In ersten Zeitmass (lebhaft) BAOBRUCKNER: Symphony No 7 in E Major, First movement 1903BRAHMS: Academic Festival Overture, Op 80 95aо релизе -.