Harmonia Mundi - New Release Sampler 1995 of St John Chrysostom 2:16 K Shvedov инфо.

The composers:Anonymous Henry Purcell JS Bach J Sibelius PPBorrono HIBiber JBLully NMatteis SProkofiev OVecchi CDe Rore KShvedovPerformers:Harmonia MundiЖанр: classical, vocal Год выпуска диска: аиыуъ1995 Производитель диска: SP095 Аудио кодек: MP3 Тип рипа: tracks Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps Продолжительность: 1:03:22 Трэклист:1 Plus bele que flor - from Love's Illusion 2:38 Anonymous2 Dame, que je n'os - from Love's Illusion 4:34 Anonymous3 Overture - from Didoайоьт and Aeneas, The Gordian not Untied 1:55 Henry Purcell4 Ah! Belinda - from Dido and Aeneas 3:32 Henry Purcell5 Chorus - To the hills and vales - from Dido and Aeneas 2:18 Henry Purcell6 Sonata I, BWV 525 - Allegro - Trio Sonatas (from Organ) 3:27 JS Bach7 En etsi valtaa, loistoa 2:45 J Sibelius8 While shepherds watched their flocks 1:38 S Belcher9 Pavane - Dolcissima Et Amorosa 3:07 PPBorrono10 Saltarello - Dolcissima Et Amorosa 1:23 PPBorrono11 Sonata V - Violinакбйс Sonatas 8:07 HIBiber12 Le Bourgeois Gentihomme 1:49 JBLully13 Chaconnes des Scaramouches 1:27 JBLully14 Sonata in F - Ayres for the Violin 2:22 NMatteis15 Suite in C Minor - Ayres for the Violin 2:41 NMatteis16 Romeo & Juliet, Op 75 3:18 SProkofiev17 Cinderella, Op 95 2:45 SProkofiev18 Saltarello detto Trivella - Canzonetta 2:36 OVecchi19 Ancor che col partire - Canzonetta 5:25 CDe Rore20 Dostoino yest' - Lit of St John Chrysostom 3:23 KShvedov21 Vidyekhorn Svyet Istiniy - Lit of St John Chrysostom 2:16 KShvedov .