Edvard Grieg - The Grieg Edition к сожалению, не нашёл Эдвард Григ: инфо.

Страна: Norwegian Жанр: Classical Год выпуска: 1993 Формат: FLAC (image + cue + log) Битрейт аудио: lossless Продолжительность: 24 CD`s Трэклист: CD 1 - Complete Piano Music VolI Four Piano Pieces Op1 Poetаиыьсical Tone-Pictures, Op3 Humoresques, Op6 Sonata in E Minor, Op7 Lyrical Pieces, VolI, Op12CD 2 - Complete Piano Music VolII 25 Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances, Op17 Pictures From Folk-Life - Humoresques, Op19 Sigurd Jorsalfar, Op22CD 3 - Complete Piano Music VайпвфolIII Ballade, Op24 Four Album Leaves, Op28 Improvisations on Two Norwegian Folk-Songs, Op29 Two Elegiac Melodies, Op34 Norwegian Dances, Op35CD 4 - Complete Piano Music VolIV Waltz-Caprices, Op37 Lyric Pieces, Op38 Holberg Suite, Op40 Transcriptions of Original Songs, Op41CD 5 - Complete Piano Music VolV Lyric Pieces, Op45 Peer Gynt Suite, No1 Op46 Lyric Pieces, Op47 Scenes From 'Olav Trygvason", Op50 Transcriptions of Original Songs, Op52CD 6 - Complete Piano акбмбMusic VolVI Two Melodies for String Orchestra, Op54 Lyric Pieces, Op54 Peer Gynt Suite, No2 Op55 Three Orchestral Pieces From "Sigurd Jorsalfar", Op56CD 7 - Complete Piano Music VolVII Lyric Pieces, Op57 Lyric Pieces, Op62 Two Nordic Melodies, Op63CD 8 - Complete Piano Music, VolVIII Lyric Pieces, Op65 Norvegian Folk-Songs, Op66 Lyric Pieces, Op68CD 9 - Complete Piano Music, VolIX Lyric Pieces, Op71 Norwegian Peasant Dances, Op72CD 10 - Complete Piano Music VolX Moods, Op73 23 Short Pieces For Piano (EG 104)CD 11 - Complete Piano Music VolXi Three Piano Pieces (EG 105) At the Halfdan Kjerulf Statue (EG 167) Six Norwegian Mountain Melodies (EG 108) Dance of the Mountain King's Daughter, Op23 no9 Three Piano Pieces (EG 110-112) Bergliot, Op42 (Astrid Folstad does the recitation)CD 12 - Complete Piano Music VolXII Norway's Melodies (EG 133) The Entry of the Boyars (EG 183)CD 13 - Complete Songs VolI Four Songs, Op15 Three Songs from "Peeакзржr Gynt", Op23 Six Songs by Holder Drachman, Op49 Five Songs by Vilhelm Krag, Op60CD 14 - Complete Songs VolII 'Melodies of the Heart" by HC Anderson, Op3 Twelve Songs to Poems by AO Vinje, Op33 Six Elegiac Songs, by John Paulsen, Op59CD 15 - Complete Songs VolIII Seven Children's Songs, Op61 Songs From "Haugtussa" - Not in Op67 The Mountain Maid Song Cycle From Arne Garborg's "Haugtussa, Op67 Clara's Song EG 124 I Love You, Dear EG 127 The Princess EG 133 Sighs EG 134 Morning Prayer at School EG 139CD 16 - Complete Songs VolIV Six Songs, Op4 Four Songs by Bj Bjørnson, Op21 'Reminiscenes from Mountain and Fjord", Op44 Six Songs, Op48CD 17 - Complete Songs VolV Look at the Sea EG 121 Four Songs, Op2 Four Songs by Chr Winther, Op10 Nine Songs, Op18 Six Songs by Henrik Ibsen, Op25 Songs Without Opus NumbersCD 18 - Complete Songs VolVI Songs and Ballads by A Munch, Op9 Five Poems by John Paulsen, Op26 Romancesакиьэ, Op39 Five Songs by Otto Benzon, Op69 Five Songs by Otto Benzon, Op70CD 19 - Complete Songs VolVII Various Songs - EG's 135, 145, 155, 123, 129, 142, 137, 125, 128, 151, 131, 147, 141, 153, 144, 126, 149, 140, 156, 154, 146CD 20 - Music For Strings In Folk Style, Op63 no1 Two Elegiac Melodies, Op34 Åse's Death, Op46 no2 String Quartet No1 in G Minor, Op27CD 21 - Complete String Quartets String Quartet in G minor, Op27 Unfinished String Quartet in F major Fugue in F minorCD 22 - Complete Violin Sonatas Sonata no1 in F major, Op8 Sonata no2 in G major, Op13 Sonata no3 in C minor, Op45CD 23 - Complete Chamber Music Vol1 Intermezzo for Cello and Piano (EG 115) Andante Con Moto Cello Sonata in A Minor, Op36 'From Holberg's Time", Op40CD 24 - Complete Chamber Music VolII Six Songs With Orchestra Two Melodies For String Orchestra, Op53 Two Nordic Melodies, Op63 Two Lyric Pieces for String Orchestra, Op68 The Mountain Thrall, Op32 Доп инфоракйоймация: Взято с demonoid Там же дополнительная информация К каждому диску прилагается буклет Информацию о исполнители (Geir Henning Braaten), на русском языке, к сожалению, не нашёлЭдвард Григ:.