Brownie McGhee(4CD)(1940-1963) (Sonny Terry) во всем мире инфо.

Жанр: Blues Год выпуска: 1940 Формат: MP3 Битрейт аудио: 192 kbps Трэклист: 1 The Okeh Recordings (CD1)(1940-1941)01-Picking My Tomatoes 02-Me And My Dog Blues 03-Born For Bad Luck 04-I'm Callin' Daisy 05-Steаицщнp It Up And Go 06-My Barkin' Bulldog Blues 07-Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Baby 08-Prison Woman Blues 09-Back Door Stranger 10-Be Good To Me 11-Not Guilty Blues 12-Coal Miner Blues 13-Step It Up And Go No 2 14-Money Spending Woman 15-Death Of Blind Boy Fuller #1 16-Death айлькOf Blind Boy Fuller #2 17-Got To Find My Little Woman 18-I'm Black Woman's Man #1 19-I'm Black Woman's Man #2 20-Dealing With The Devil 21-Double Trouble 22-Double Trouble #12 The Okeh Recordings (CD2)(1940-1941)01-Key To My Door 02-Million Lonesome Women 03-Ain't No Tellin' 04-Try Me One More Time 05-I Want To See Jesus 06-Done What My Lord Said 07-I Want King Jesus 08-What Will I Do (Without The Lord) 09-Key To The Highway 70 #1 10-Key To The Highway 70 #2 11-I Don't Believe In Lovакарлe 12-So Much Trouble 13-Good-bye Now 14-Jealous Of My Woman 15-Unfair Blues 16-Barbecue Any Old Time 17-Workingman's Blues 18-Sinful Disposition Woman 19-Back Home Blues 20-Deep Sea Diver 21-It Mut Be Love 22-Stidio Chatter3 The Folkways Years(1945-1959)01-Daisy 02-Rising Sun 03-Careless Love 04-Cholly Blues 05-Just A Dream 06-Pawn Shop Blues 07-Hangman's Blues 08-Living Witch The Blues 09-'Fore Day Creep 10-Me And Sonny 11-Raise A Ruckus Tonight 12-Betty And Dupree 13-Long Gone 14-Grievin' Hearted Blues 15-I'm Gonna Tell God How You Treat Me 16-Can't Help Myself 17-Pallet On The Floor4 An The 2nd Fret(1963)01-Evil Hearted Me 02-Sick Man 03-Barking Bull Dog 04-Spread The News Around 05-Backwater Blues 06-Custard Pie 07-Wholesale Dealin' Papa 08-Motorcycle Blues 09-Hand In Hand 10-I Woke Up One Morning And I Could Hardly See Доп информация: Уход из жизни в 1996 году Брауни Макги - огромная и невосполнимая утрата для блюза Уже будучи наполовину инвалидом и страдая от рака акззужелудка, гитарист по-прежнему оставался лидирующим блюзменом Пидмонт-стиля (Piedmont-style), почитаемым вместе со своим многолетним партнером слепым гармошечником Сонни Терри (Sonny Terry) во всем мире .