Lo Cor de La Plana - Es lo titre, 2003 and a singular, heady power" инфо.

Жанр: Folk, medieval polyphonic singing Год выпуска диска: 2003 Производитель диска: Франция Аудио кодек: MP3 Тип рипа: tracks Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps Продолжительность: 55:51 Трэклист: 1 Al nom de Dieu 1:25 аиэтъ2 Adieu siatz sénher Peire 2:00 3 L'enfant de Dieu 4:20 4 La legenda de Jèsu-Crist 3:40 5 Ribat Ribat 4:25 6 Lo baron Sant Alèssi 4:25 7 Entre Paris et Montauban 3:25 8 Dieu vos gard' sénher guilhaumèu 3:43 9 Lo semeайрмпnaire 1:17 10 La passion 5:28 11 La passien 3:00 12 Enta Nadal 2:22 13 Bèla vierge coronada 2:03 14 In questa santa notte 4:40 15 Volètz auvir una novèla 3:41 16 Aquesta trufa 0:51 17 Gràcias 4:46Доп информация: Lo Cor de la Plana — мужской секстет, исполняющий на окситанском (провансальском) языке средневековые и оригинальные композицииEnglish: Polyphonic singing with a modernist streak Chances are that you've never heard of - let alone heакбэюard - the Occitan language The keen-eared would have snatched its distinctive sound at previous WOMAD gatherings where either Massilia Sound System or Moussu T e lei Jovents have performed - it's a language unique to France's Provence region, cultivated by immigrants from former French colonies in the Caribbean and across Africa So pin back your lugholes for your first Occitan lesson, delivered by half a dozen young polyphonic singers from Marseille accompanied solely by handclaps and the occasional piece of percussion Their work in reviving the Occitan heritage might reach into the heart of their community ("they are not just a band," Andy Kershaw once observed, "they are a philosophy"), but Lo Còr De La Plana aren't concerned with the mere resurrection of a past, half-dead culture They have a discernible iconoclastic streak, eager to appropriate whatever they need from what's gone and apply it to the modern Occitan lifestyle And their commакзфщitment to the cause is unflinching - as Le Monde rightly called it, they sing "fervent chants reinvested with a mad energy and a singular, heady power".