Trio Mio - Stories Around A Holy Goat to Trio Mios musical openness инфо.

Жанр: Celtic Folk Год выпуска диска: 2007 Производитель диска: Дания - Швеция Аудио кодек: MP3 Тип рипа: tracks Битрейт аудио: VBR ~ 187 kbps ( LAME 3 91 V 1) Продолжительность: 49 : 11 Трэклист: 01 - Genganайапнgar - 03 : 05 02 - Hanna Nz2nd Half - 04 : 38 03 - 10 Point - 02 : 55 04 - Hornlet Til C - 03 : 58 05 - Etna Philostratus Revenge - 07 : 53 06 - Julias Vals Kippen Pe Koster - 06 : 00 07 - Шresundsmarch - 06 : 14 08 - Brillupsvals Til Mari Og Johnny - 03 : 07 09 - Svшайтпрmmedunk - 02 : 43 10 - Pigeon Skottish - 08 : 38Состав: The talent behind Trio Mio is 3 musicians:Kristine Heebspan> (violin and vocals) has been a top-ranked talent on the Danish folk music scene for 10 years She has performed solo as well as with the folk groups Folkbits, Ph and Heebinter duo Kristines unique combination of drive and subtlety is fascinating and filled with enthusiasm Her dazzling skills as a violinist are well supplemented as one of Denmarks most prominent andаквцщ creative composers This talent was acknowledged with a Danish Music Award in 2006 and 2008 as Composer of the yearNikolaj Busk (piano, accordion, harmonium) is a young, shining talent on the Danish music scene with a musical spectrum that spans from jazz to electronic music to classic He brings the listener into his energetic, sensitive and lyrical universe Nikolaj is extremely active on the folk music scene with Hal Parfitt-Murray, Bjarke Falgren/Jens Lysdal, and Laura Mo, among others In 2008 Nikolaj was acknowledged with a Danish Music Award as Instrumenalist of the year and in 2009 as "Composer of the Year"Jens Ulvsand (bouzouki, guitar, vocals) is the Trios representative from Sweden With roots in Swedish folk music as well as jazz and African music, Jens lifts Trio Mios music into new dimensions with his sharp edge and nerve He is an excellent player and contributes his talent with lyrics to Trio Mios repertoire Jens has been fundamental for the Swedакзыаish Avad and for many years He also plays with the Danish groups F and Scandinavian String Alliance With many years of experience on the Swedish music scene, he adds strength and solidity to Trio Mios musical openness .