Capercaillie "Beautiful Wasteland" profound international multiculturalism --Andrew Bartlett инфо.

Жанр: Scottish Folk / World Music Год выпуска диска: 1998 Производитель диска: USA Аудио кодек: APE Тип рипа: image+cue Битрейт аудио: lossless Продолжительность: 5639 Происхождение релиза: свой диск, сканы айаыйприлагаются Трэклист: 1 M'Ionam 2 Inexile 3 Tree, The 4 Am Mur Gorm :: The Blue Rampart 5 Beautiful Wasteland 6 Co Ni Mire Rium :: Who Will Flirt With Me? 7 Shelter 8 Hebridean Hale-Bopp 9 Kepplehall / 25 KTS 10 Thiocfadh Leat Fanecht 11 Finlay's 12 SardiniайтцяaCapercaillie: Karen Matheson (vocals); Manus Lunny (acoustic guitar, bouzouki, background vocals); John Saich (acoustic guitar, bass, background vocals); Charlie McKerron (fiddle); Donald Shaw (accordion, keyboards); Wilf Taylor (drums); Chimp (percussion)Additional personnel: Paloma Loribo, Piruchi Apo "Sibeba" (vocals); Michael McGoldrick (flute, Uilleann pipes, whistles); James MacKintosh (drums)Capercaillie is the leading torchbearer for an innovative Celtic music hybаквшьrid that integrates Scottish traditional styles with sleek contemporary ambient, dance, and pop elements--bringing the music well beyond its customary folkie boundaries Beautiful Wasteland is constructed largely from Gaelic "mouth music" tunes sung gorgeously by Karen Matheson and arranged with submarine musical depths by Manus Lunny There are showers of synthesizers to color the fiddle and bouzouki textures, but the synths never take precedence simply because so much is going on Capercaillie rivets their tunes with solid beats and then populates the sound field with ambient vibrations and a catalog of acoustic instruments In addition, North African vocal duo Sibeba collaborates on two tracks, adding a vocal dimension that further extends Beautiful Wasteland's unassuming, profound international multiculturalism --Andrew Bartlett.