SWV (Sisters With Voices) - Discography "Сестренок с голосочками" Приятного прослушивания - инфо.

Жанр: R&B Откуда: USA Биография: With their 1992 debut, It's About Time, the all-female new jack swing trio SWV scored a string of Top Ten R&B hits that established them as one of the most popular urbaаййтбn R&B groups of the '90s SWV (their name is an acronym for Sisters with Voices) is comprised of three school friends: Coko (born Cheryl Gamble), Taj (born Tamara Johnson), and Lelee (born Leanne Lyons) All three vocalists sang in church as children, which is wherайшнцe they learned how to harmonize A demo tape the group assembled caught the attention of producer Teddy Riley, a former member of Guy and arguably the father of new jack swing Prior to SWV, Riley helped establish the careers of Jodeci and Mary J Blige Riley's luck didn't wear out with SWV -- he helped the group craft their debut, It's About Time, which went double platinum within its first year of releaseThe release of It's About Time was preceded by "Right Here" in the акдхрfall of 1992 The single reached number 13 on the R&B charts, but it was the number two hit, "I'm So Into You," that established the trio as a commercial force early in 1993 It was followed by two number one R&B singles in a row: "Weak" and "Right Here/Human Nature," a remix of their first single that featured samples of Michael Jackson's hit "Human Nature" "Weak" also hit number one on the pop charts; "Right Here/Human Nature" reached number two on the pop charts One other Top Ten R&B hit from It's About Time, "Always on My Mind," followed late in 1993 "Anything," SWV's contribution to the soundtrack for Above the Rim, became a Top Ten R&B hit in the spring of 1994 Also in the spring of 1994, SWV released The Remixes, which went gold by the end of the year In the summer of 1995, the trio lent vocal harmonies to Blackstreet's Top 40 R&B hit "Tonight's the Night&quoакизкt; In 1996, SWV returned with New Beginning, which was preceded by the number one R&B hit "You're the One" Release Some Tension followed in 1997, and two years later the group's past successes were recalled on their Greatest HitsДоп информация: Как ни странно, но бывает, что наслушавшись Ice Cube, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane (список можно продолжать бесконечно) хочется иногда немного расслабится под хорошие, нежные и приятные женские голоса, да к тому же, ловишь себя на мысли, чтоб эта музыка немного окунула тебя в приятные воспоминания о тех временах, когда rap и R&B музыка была на высоте и в самых лучших своих традициях Вспоминая 90-е я задумался, а ведь тогда по MTV видел 3-х неплохих девченок и их трэк "Right Here" был очень даже! Почему бы и нет! И решил вновь их послушать Предлагаю и Вам всем окунуться в мир "Сестренок с голосочками" Приятного прослушивания-.