Roberta Gambarini - So in Love Hamilton, Al Foster - drums инфо.подроб.

RUFUS REID - Live in Viena English (Dolby AC3, 2 ch) инфо.подроб.

Keith Jarrett - The Melody At Night, With You I'm Through With Love 2:57 инфо.подроб.

Hampton Hawes - Here and Now (b) Donald Bailey (d) Рип от mfrwiz инфо.подроб.

Hampton Hawes /This Is Hampton Hawes: Vol 2, The Trio (1956) York 5:24 9 Section Blues 4:12 инфо.подроб.

Anita Wardell - Kinda Blue Born To Be Blue (3:26) инфо.подроб.

Jason Moran - Modernistic нет Сделал auCDtect и спектры инфо.подроб.

Warren Bernhardt - Amelia's Song & Lovely (4:22) 09 Boilermaker (6:12) инфо.подроб.

Jack Owens & Eugene Powell - Last Giants Of Mississippi Blues Owens'а можно посмотреть также здесь инфо.подроб.

Eberhard Weber [1985] - Chorus 1990) * Label: Polygram * ASIN: B0000031T1--------------------------------------------------------------------- > инфо.подроб.

Jason Moran Modernistic 3:31 Доп информация: Jason Moran, solo piano инфо.подроб.

Louis Prima Orleans Gang, Keely Smith, Sam Butera инфо.подроб.

Betty Carter - Feed the Fire Dream 12:08 10 B's Blues 2:20 инфо.подроб.

Eric Dolphy - Eric Dolphy In Europe, Vol 1 Chuck Israels b Jorn Elniff dr инфо.подроб.

Various Artists - Blues Again - From Mud To Steel - See See Rider (2:34) инфо.подроб.

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